Social Media marketing

Intelligent Security 's security guards are a combination of experienced full-time security guards and self-trained security guards. Almost all have a college or WO background and are trained to use head first. They are sociable, thoughtful and verbally strong. With the right people in the right positions, they create a safe and positive atmosphere with the person(s) they are securing. Whether it is one person or tens of thousands of visitors to a festival.

That each target group requires its own approach is not only true for the security industry, but even more so for the online world. Due to the success of Intelligent Security, they were urgently looking for qualified personnel. Ladies and gentlemen who know how to convey the core values of Intelligent Security to both customer and visitor.

The traditional way of recruiting did not provide the right nor the numbers of people Intelligent Security was looking for. Owner Boris van der Horst approached HashtagMedia with this problem statement. How can we get the right people in the short term?

Over 900 applications through:

  • Communication Strategy
  • Landing page development
  • Social Media Webcare
  • Social Advertising

The result counts

  • Communication strategy
    Problem definition
    Develop buyer personas
    Branding by the Content Store
  • Landing page development
    Every target group has its own landing page
  • Social Media Webcare
    Content creation
    Community management
    Frequent and consistent posting
  • Social Advertising
    Advertise on Instagram & Facebook
    Each target group a separate campaign
    Own images for each target group i.s.m. The Content Store



Social Media Strategy & Social Advertising campaigns

In collaboration with Intelligent Security and Kim Koenen of The Content Store, HashtagMedia set to work on a Social Media Strategy. This focused on 3 issues:

  1. Intelligent Security is looking for qualified personnel
  2. Intelligent Security wants to use Social Media to reach out to different audiences
  3. Intelligent Security wants to become uncaring

Initially, The Content Store and HashtagMedia sat down to develop a plan of action. The core of this plan was founded on 3 pillars:

Who does Intelligent Security want to reach?
Together with the Intelligent Security team, we created four buyer personas. Buyer personas help in communication, improve customer focus and tell how people achieve their goals.

What is the message Intelligent Security wants to convey?
During the kick-off meeting, we put Intelligent Security's core values on paper and then translated this into the right message for each target group.

How are we going to get the message to the target audience?
First, we determined that each buyer persona (target audience) should be approached individually:

  • Own images
  • Own message
  • Your own landing page
  • Own channels

The Facebook advertising platform emerged as the most appropriate medium to direct the various target audiences to the landing pages (paid content). In addition, the various social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) are used for storytelling. What is the story Intelligent Security wants to tell? Not only to the outside world, but certainly also to its own (future) staff!

"With the customer, we often notice that they want to fly in almost blind, whereas it is crucial to start with a solid strategy. Fortunately, Boris (owner Intelligent Security) gave us the opportunity to tackle this project properly. The cooperation with The Content Store, in the person of Kim Koenen, turned out to be a golden move. Together we came up with a plan that yielded almost immediate results!"

Joris van der Krogt / Owner