About Kitchen Place

The unique way Keukenplaats works is actually very simple. Both Keukenplaats and you want to keep kitchens inexpensive. They can do this because they only work by appointment. That way the advisors make the best use of their time. Due to low personnel costs, customers benefit from the lowest price. In addition, Keukenplaats believes in unbelievable negotiations (from EUR 30,000 to EUR 8,000). You therefore get the fair price of EUR 7,435 immediately. Negotiating is therefore not necessary.

Keukenplaats supplies only German kitchens. These are known for quality and durability - in Germany they call it gründlichkeit. The manufacturers make more than 5,000 kitchens a day and export to 64 countries. So quality is a fact of life!

Over 20,000 leads in 9 years

Since 2014, we have enjoyed working with Bas and his team to optimize and manage this powerful lead generator.

The result

The long-term cooperation with Keukenplaats has been a nice success for both parties. Specifically, website optimization provided the following results:


leads in 9 years

The assignment

In 2014 the request came from Bas Wouters to convert their desktop website to a responsive WordPress website. At the time, the goal was to also give the mobile user an optimal user experience. After this 1.0 version, Bas wanted to go further. We implemented a number of useful techniques with our team to better monitor the lead generation process. In addition, an integration with a marketing automation CRM was realized. All this resulted in an efficient information flow so that all online efforts could be managed properly.

In the following years, Keukenplaats grows into one of the largest websites in kitchen land. In 2017, it's time for the next step. A new corporate identity is launched, and of course that includes a new website. The user experience is further optimized, with the ultimate goal of further increasing conversion. The latter was achieved in a number of smaller steps. It became clear exactly which efforts had a positive effect on the conversion rate and which did not. The result is over 20,000 leads in 9 years.

"In our market with tremendous competition you need a partner who will move quickly and think ahead with you, this is why we chose and continue to choose HashtagMedia"

Bas Wouters / founder Keukenplaats