Get insight into relevant data and make everything measurable. So you can measure how much you're spending, where you're losing money unnecessarily and how much return you're getting from your campaigns.

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The benefits of Analytics

  • Understanding your traffic sources
  • Clear picture of your visitors
  • Setting up goals
  • Provides insight into optimization opportunities

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Grow by understanding your data

Understanding data that is relevant to you

Curious about how often your website or webshop is visited? Which pages are visited most? Or how long a website visitor spends on a specific page? Where visitors leave your website? Google Analytics answers all these questions, provided everything is set up correctly. With Google Analytics you make everything measurable. We at HashtagMedia have the necessary specialists in-house and can help you set up and adjust your Analytics account. Part of this includes determining the most important goals you want to gain insight into. We draw these up together with you. Curious about all the possibilities? Schedule a free consultation and we will look further together.

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Frequently asked questions about Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytics tool that provides insight into the behavior of your visitors. You can see how they land on your page, what they do there and where and when they leave. You can see this live, the moment you turn on Google Analytics, but you can also view data from a period in the past. In addition, it is also possible to compare data from a previous period, for example between February last year and this year, so you can chart your progress.

Besides counting your website visitors, Analytics has numerous other relevant features. For example, you can find out exactly which channels your visitors come from (Google, Bing, Facebook, Newsletter, etc) and how they came to you. In addition, Analytics also displays demographic data such as interests and characteristics of visitors. How do they navigate through the website or webshop and where do they leave again?

As a novice user of Google Analytics, you will benefit most from these Google Analytics features:

  1. Target Overview
  2. Acquisition Report
  3. Behavior
  4. Events
  5. Conversions

All these overviews can be accessed from the Google Analytics homepage and remain visible on the left side in the menu even if you continue clicking.

Should you want to gain specific insight, chances are this is also possible with Analytics after Google Tag Manager is set up.

Relevant measurements in 4 steps

Being able to measure and understand your data is essential to knowing which campaigns are profitable. To do this, we use 4 steps: